Replacement windows in Chicago come in all shapes in sizes, but what are the most popular styles? Learn the various types of window styles that add character to Chicago homes, filter in sunlight, and add a special touch to curb appeal. We’ll also discuss popular types of Chicago home styles and how windows fit into the architecture.

Vinyl siding can transform the look of any home in Chicago, Illinois. Universal Windows Direct is educating local homeowners on the pros of vinyl siding, top trending vinyl siding colors, and other important details such as maintenance and installation advice.

Are you struggling with window condensation in the winter? Chicago is notorious for cold and snowy winters, and many homeowners might find themselves battling with window condensation this time of year. Learn the cause of winter window condensation and what you can do about it.

Do you want a home that wows in 2018? There are plenty of ways to add character and wow-factor to the home, both inside and out. We’ll show you how you can make quick—and even affordable—upgrades to create a standout home in Chicago. 

Have you thought about the window treatments in your bedroom? If not, you might be missing out on creating an ideal bedroom and improving your mood. Colors have an impact on our mood, and window treatment styles and materials can set the tone of any bedroom. Learn popular options for bedroom window treatments.