You’re in the market for new windows. As you’re doing research, you come across another type of window called new construction windows. You’re left scratching your head and wondering if replacement windows or new construction windows are the best fit for your Chicago home. Here is a general overview to help you make the right choice:

While many of us have a bucket list that includes sky diving or seeing the world, it’s easy to not think of home renovations as something to do before, well, you kick the bucket. However, some home upgrades are so long-lasting and exquisite that they are truly a once-in-a-lifetime overhaul. Best of all, many of these upgrades will last nearly a lifetime—giving you more value for your dollar.

Chicago is an exciting city with an abundance of things to do. If you call Chicago or the surrounding areas are your home sweet home, you’ve likely noticed the variety of architecture in the region. This city has some spectacular homes, and vinyl windows will complement all kinds of residences.

Is the exterior of your home looking a little dirty these days? With the hot and bright days of summer, discovering dirt on your exterior isn’t all that uncommon. When you find dirt on your siding or grime on your deck, your first instinct may be to grab that pressure washer. This can be an effective way to wash your exterior, but keep the following tips in mind for best results:

You don’t need a weatherman to tell you that the heat is beating down on Chicago this summer. If you’ve had your air conditioning on full blast, you might cringe every time your energy bill arrives in the mail. Even though seasonal fluctuations are normal, your utility bills can really take a chunk out of your budget. Americans spend $29 billion on air conditioning annually, and you might be losing energy in your home in the following ways: