An entry door is a beautiful component for the home. However, many fail to realize that doors have a history and some interesting facts to boot. If you’ve never thought much about your entry door beyond its appearance, here are a few fun facts that you may not have known:

Every year, homeowners across Chicago come to Universal Windows Direct to install energy efficient windows in their homes. Since fall is practically here, and winter is right around the corner, you might be wondering how you can keep your home more comfortable in the cold. Energy efficient windows are a simple solution to help keep your utility bills low. These are the basics of these windows and how they will enhance your home.

If you’ve decided that your home is ready for new windows, you’ll find that there are a lot of choices to make in the coming weeks. One of the biggest considerations is the material of your home's new windows. Two of the most popular window materials on the market today are vinyl and wood. Wood windows add warmth to the home and can last for many years if they are well-maintained. However, vinyl proves time and time again that is it a superior choice for home replacement windows—and here’s why:

When was the last time you thought about the fluffy stuff in your attic? While attic insulation isn’t at the top of most homeowners’ minds, this isn’t an aspect of your home that you want to push to the backburner. This is especially the case with autumn approaching, and winter arriving shortly thereafter.

No matter how airtight your home may seem, you lose a little bit of heating and cooling every day. However, the amount of lost energy is nominal compared to homes with outdated exterior products. Drafty and outdated windows, doors, and even roofing costs Americans millions of dollars every year. But how much energy is your home really losing, and what can you do to stop it?