As you’re preparing to renovate your home exterior, it’s safe to say that there is little room for an “oops” to occur. Projects that are this large (and not to mention expensive) should be carefully planned in advance to avoid losing money or being unsatisfied with the outcome.

Chicago is an old city with a lot of unique architecture. If you’re a homeowner who loves the look and warmth of wood, this material can blend great with many homes in this area of the country. Some homeowners choose to take a different approach with wood siding and invest in cedar shingles—which are beautiful, but this exterior option can bring along its own set of problems.

While vinyl siding has countless benefits such as durability, affordability, and stunning beauty, homeowners may run into trouble at some point down the road. However, don’t think problems can occur only with vinyl siding—for example, wood siding is prone to rotting, and it can even crumble away.

Most of us don’t like to think about winter and the blizzardy conditions that are in our near future. However, the reality is that we live in Indianapolis and cold weather will be here before we know it. The good news is that we can get ahead of the frigid temperatures by winterizing our homes sooner than later—especially before the first snowflake falls.

Autumn is in the air, and it’s a popular time here in Chicago to focus on home maintenance. One of the best exterior upgrades you can make this time of year is window replacement. You already know the advantages of this upgrade, such as fresher curb appeal and extra energy savings. But what do you need to look for to get the best value for your money? Consider the following: