Can you believe that daylight savings time is right around the corner? On March 11, we’ll spring our clocks forward and start reaping the benefits of daylight savings. While most of us aren’t thrilled about losing an hour of sleep, we’d say it’s a fair trade for some extra sunlight in our day.

Now that we’re almost into spring, it’s time to start thinking about maximizing sunlight. More sunlight in the home can help us save money on energy bills during the winter, and not to mention it can help boost our mood.

How Much Daylight Do You Need in the Home?

According to House Logic, sunlight is measured in FC—footcandles. FC is the amount of light that falls in one square foot. On sunny days, homes receive around 10,000 footcandles. On a cloudy day, you’ll get around 1,000.

This is a rough idea of how much sunlight is needed in each room:

·       Living room: 10-20 fc

·       Kitchen, general: 30-40 fc

·       Kitchen stove: 70-80 fc

·       Dining room: 30-40 fc

·       Hallway: 5-10 fc

·       Bathroom: 70-80 fc

Here is how you can increase sunlight for a brighter, happier home:

Use Sunlight to Replace Electric

This is one of the best ways to use daylight to your advantage. When you have to turn on the lamps in your house at 5 o’clock, you likely long for the days where twilight sets in at 7.

This is a great time to start waiting until the sun sets to start using interior lighting. The extra hours can help cut down on energy bills while naturally lighting your home.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book with interior design, but using mirrors can help bounce sunlight and spread it throughout the room.

There are several ways mirrors will help you maximize sunlight. Try adding mirrors on a wall opposite of a window. This reflects inbound sunlight back into the room and magnifies it.

Another option is to place a mirror at an angle to a nearby window, which causes the light to bounce.

Install an Entry Door with Glass on the Face

Sunlight doesn’t only enter your home through windows. Entry doors with glass on the face, or even sidelites, can stream extra daylight into your home.

Take Advantage of Fixed Windows

If you have fixed windows in your home—in other words, windows that do not open—use these products to your advantage. Fixed windows do not have any obstructions that would otherwise block sunlight from entering the home. Leave these windows uncovered during the day to receive the most sunlight possible.

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