Are you looking to upgrade your curb appeal this year? If so, there is a lot more involved than simply picking a color for your siding and calling it a job well-done. The truth is that there is planning involved with exterior remodeling, and focusing on the most important characteristics can help you achieve your ultimate dream exterior.

1. Custom Made Products

The big box home improvement stores offer some convenient options when it comes to exterior remodeling. What’s easier than plucking your product off the shelf and hauling it home for installation?

It’s important that you steer clear of mass-produced windows and doors. While these are available in standard sizes, even the smallest mismeasurements can send the installation process awry.

When replacement products are custom made for your home, this ensures that it will fit correctly within the frame. Whether it’s a door, window, or siding, proper fit keeps drafts out of the home and your utility bills low.

2. Quality Materials

In the world of both custom and mass-produced replacement products, poor quality materials exist. While vinyl windows look identical to the naked eye, there is a lot going on beneath the surface of these products.

Poor quality materials showcase a cheaper price tag, and they are tempting to those who are on a tight budget. However, be forewarned that these products may fail to perform after a few short years.

For example, quality vinyl will not warp, peel, or become destroyed by the elements. A lower grade of vinyl may become damaged much easier than a quality vinyl window.

When it comes to doors, fiberglass is an ideal choice over wood. This is because wood is subject to damage from the elements and must receive regular maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll spend time sanding and re-painting the door to keep it looking new.

3. Professional Installation

Professional installation of windows, doors, and siding plays a critical role in performance. When homeowners take a DIY approach with these products, they are risking performance as well as warranty. Many warranties become void if the homeowner installs replacement products on their home.

Aside from voiding the warranty, you also must think about performance problems. We mentioned that ill-fitting windows and doors can cause drafts, and this also comes into play with installation.

Expert installation creates an airtight seal around window and door frames. It also helps block out moisture with siding installation, which protects the exterior from moisture damage.

Even though the aesthetic features of exterior remodeling are exciting, don’t forget about these 3 most important qualities before beginning your project. Trust Universal Windows Direct for high quality products and expert exterior installation.