As we’re experiencing days reaching 50 degrees and higher, some homeowners are having the itch to get started on home improvements. Even though it’s still February, this is a good time to plan and get started on your next exterior remodeling project.

New siding is an eye-popping upgrade for any home here in Chicago. With all the exterior options on the market, vinyl is perhaps the best choice for most homes. Here is why homeowners should choose vinyl siding installation as their next home improvement project:

1. Get the Look of Real Wood

Wood is a luxurious siding option. However, it comes with a lot of downsides. It’s expensive to purchase as well as maintain.

High quality vinyl siding can give you the look of wood without the price and maintenance. Some siding panels, such as UniShield®, is modeled after real oak. This gives it the luxurious appearance of authentic wood siding, including the texture that you’d feel when touching a wooden siding panel.

2. Vinyl Siding is Easy to Maintain

If wood exterior is not sanded and stained periodically, it is subject to peeling, chipping, cracking, and even rotting. When wood begins to decay, it may literally crumble away at the touch of your finger.

The good news is that homeowners hardly have to lift a finger with vinyl siding. It only requires cleaning a couple times per year, which is achievable with a homemade cleaning solution or Dawn dish soap.

Not only is vinyl easy to clean, but it’s also resistant to the elements. Vinyl won’t rot from moisture exposure, and it also won’t fade in color. This eliminates the need to clean, sand, and stain.

3. Mix and Match Stylistic Details

It’s easier than ever to design the exterior of your dreams with vinyl siding installation. While standard vinyl panels add pizzazz to curb appeal, scallops, shakes, and soffit can take curb appeal to another level.

Scallops were originally hand-carved from wood to highlight window gables and eave edges. Today, these scallops are much easier to maintain when they’re manufactured with vinyl. They also maintain the same appearance as hand-carved scallops for authenticity and exceptional beauty.

For homeowners who want to add rustic charm to the home, vinyl cedar shakes are the perfect option. These shakes give the appearance of real hand cut cedarwood that’s perfect to add to sections of the home. You can also opt to add shakes to the entire exterior for rustic and dramatic flair.

If you’re thinking about new siding installation this year, be sure to explore our product page for color selections and more.