If this is the year that you plan to upgrade your siding, you’ll find there are many selections and materials available on the market. While all types of siding have their pros and cons, homeowners should beware of one specific siding choice: aluminum.

Aluminum siding is one of the early 20th century building materials. Steel siding was introduced first and patented as early as 1903. Designed to look like clapboard, steel was the top pick until the 1940s when aluminum siding became an inexpensive option for new siding. Companies marketed the product as unable to rot and fire resistant. Its use peaked until the 1970s when vinyl siding was introduced to the market, which remains at one of the top exterior options of today.

What’s Wrong with Aluminum?

Even though some companies may install aluminum siding, steer clear of this option. There are several reasons why this isn’t a wise choice for Chicago homeowners, including:

  • Aluminum is a soft material. When you depend on your exterior to battle against the elements, a soft material like aluminum won’t do you any favors. Unfortunately, it’s easy to dent siding—so if there’s sleet or hail, there is a high probability that the siding will get damaged.
  • Aluminum is thin. The thickness of siding panels highly determines performance. Cheap aluminum siding is a bit on the thin side, which makes it a very cheap option but not the best for performance.
  • Aluminum requires a fresh coat of paint throughout its lifetime. The paint is baked onto the aluminum similarly to a car. Over time, the paint will fade away and need maintained for a fresh look.
  • Aluminum is an outdated siding material. As this material’s popularity heightened during the 1970s, it’s gone by the wayside in 2018. If you’re planning on selling your home, upgrading with aluminum siding can make it a tough sell.

What is the Best Siding Material in 2018?

Aluminum isn’t the worst siding that you can choose, but there are certainly better options available. Vinyl siding, the material that bumped aluminum out of its popularity around 40 years ago, is the best siding to use in 2018.

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider vinyl for your next siding installation project:

  • Quality vinyl siding is a durable material. It’s designed to protect the home against the elements—even from sleet and hail.
  • Vinyl comes in an array of colors that turn heads and transform the exterior. Other optional upgrades include vinyl soffit, vinyl cedar shakes, and vinyl scallops.
  • Vinyl siding can act as an insulator when combined with foam insulation and quality underlayment.
  • It’s affordable, fun to customize, and doesn’t make the home look dated. New siding installation can even increase the value of your home.

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