Homeowners looking for new windows have a lot to consider. From aesthetic preferences to energy-saving technologies, it’s sometimes confusing to navigate your way through a new window upgrade.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve been around the block a time or two with new window installation, and we’re highly experienced at helping homeowners choose the right replacement windows.

These are the 4 essentials that you need to consider for new home windows:

#1: Frame Material

Homeowners who don’t want to spend the weekend tending to your windows, listen up. Frame material not only determines maintenance requirements, but it also can impact performance as well as price.

Vinyl window frames are the most popular material option in America—not to mention in Chicago. This is because it’s affordable for nearly any homeowner, even with high quality vinyl. Wood can cost 25%-50% more than vinyl window frames.

Vinyl is also a durable material that isn’t easily destroyed by Mother Nature. It’s no secret that Chicago has hot summers and harsh winters, and this has no impact on vinyl frames.

#2: Glass Package Options

Did you know that inefficient windows can impact heat loss by as much as 25%? Imagine your home heating bill costing a full 25% less next month. This substantial amount of savings is possible, but it greatly depends on the window’s glass package.

The space between the gas is filled with air until argon or krypton gas is inserted. These invisible gases can quickly determine the price of your next energy bill, since they are designed to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Another profound energy-saving option is low-e. This is an invisible glazing that’s applied to both dual and triple pane windows. Its energy-saving advantages are impressive. The Department of Energy determined that it’s one of the top 4 inventions for saving energy, right along with fiberglass attic insulation and electric heat pump water heaters.


#3: Number of Glass Panes

While this ties into the glass package options, it deserves a checkmark on its own. The two options for residential windows includes dual and triple pane. Dual pane features two panes of glass, while triple pane has three. Triple pane offers an additional chamber to fill with krypton gas, further maximizing the energy efficiency of the window. It also includes the additional benefit of sound-blocking technology via the extra pane.

#4: Professional Installation

Regardless of your glass package, window style, and decorative features, it’s important to opt for professional window installation. Window installation isn’t a DIY project, especially if this is your first process with purchasing windows. Trust professionals such as UWD for correct window installation to enhance window performance.

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