Chicago is an old city with a history dating back to the late 1700s. It was incorporated as a city in 1837. Today, it’s a mix of old and new homes—and it serves as home to 2.7 million people.

You’ll find an interesting mix of home architectural styles here in Chicago.  According to Curbed, there are more than 100,000 bungalows in the Chicago metro areas. Two-frame flats are another popular style that were typically constructed between 1900 and 1920. You’ll also find a selection of ranch homes as well as Dutch colonials.

With the varying architectural styles comes an eclectic mix of windows. Here are a few of the most popular windows you’ll find in both new and old homes in the Windy City:

Bay Windows

Bay windows are large and magnificent windows that make a statement in the home. From both an interior and exterior perspective, there is hardly any other window that makes such a grand appearance.

Bay windows are popular in this city because they help enhance the two-frame house style. Making up 25% of Chicago’s architecture, the front of these flats feature an area that is suited for 3 double hung windows or the potential for a bay window. A bay window adds an elegant twist to this classic home exterior here in Chicago.

Large Picture Windows

Homes that have sweeping views of the city may contain large picture windows. This is especially the case in Chicago’s iconic high-rise condo buildings that overlook Lake Michigan. Even homeowners living in single family homes can benefit from picture windows, since they bring a lot of natural light into the home and enhance outdoor views—whether it’s views of the city or your own small outdoor oasis.

Double Hung Windows

It comes as no surprise that double hung windows are one of the most popular styles in Chicago. This didn’t happen by chance, as the double hung is the most popular window style in all of America.

Whether you’re looking at a ranch, two-frame flamed flat, or Victorian, you’re highly likely to find a double hung window on these homes. They are a classic window style that easily blends into any Chicago architecture, which maintains its original charm and unmistakable Chicago style.

Casement Windows

In addition to double hung windows, you’ll also find casement windows in many homes around Chicago—especially bungalows. Craftsman homes feature interesting designs and a lot of character, which is perfect for adding a special touch to replacement windows with accents. Think in terms of decorative glass or grills on the upper portion of the window.

Chicago boasts some of the most beautiful homes and windows in the country. Explore our line of products to find the right replacement windows for your Chicago home.