Do you plan to replace your windows in 2018? There are a lot of considerations to make during the process, including energy-saving options, window frame materials, and window styles. Deciding on all of these features is sometimes daunting, and dare we say even overwhelming.

However, we have some of the most popular window styles and upgrades we’re predicting to trend in 2018. These guidelines can help you choose a window that makes your home more modern an energy efficient.

1. Double Hung Windows

A double hung window is a no-brainer in terms of window style trends. In fact, we can say this window style began trending in the 1800s. There aren’t too many trends that have survived hundreds of years, but the double hung is one of them.

Why is this window a sure thing in 2018? It’s extremely flexible in terms of aesthetics. It also blends beautifully with a variety of architecture. If you live in a home that is limiting for the right window style, we’re willing to bet the double hung window will look perfect.

2. Bay and Bow Windows

If you are looking for a bold option in the New Year, bay or bow windows are the way to go. Bay and bow windows bring flair to the exterior of your home. They also bring structural interest and provide a magnificent amount of life.

Don’t know the difference between bay and bow windows? Bow windows typically consist of 4 or more windows welded together in a bow or arc shape. Bay windows have a picture window in the center with two operable windows on either side, such as double hung windows or crank out windows.

3. Picture Windows

Window replacement doesn’t get more traditional than a picture window. Picture windows are fixed—meaning they do not open or close. While they’re not an exceptional choice for ventilation, they are ideal for enhancing that picture-perfect view.

If you have a notable view right out your front door (or window), now is the time to bring the beauty of nature right into your home. Install a picture window in your living room for endless and everlasting views.

4. High Quality Windows

This might not be a window style, but quality is important to any window style you install in your home. Choosing poor quality windows leads to less savings in energy and money. The window may also fail to perform in a few short years, leaving you with no choice but to go through the replacement process all over again.

What’s Your Favorite Window Style?

Whether your home was built in 1915 or 2015, UWD has a selection of window styles that fit any architecture like a glove. Explore our product options and upgrades such as decorative glass and grids. As always, contact us anytime for questions or to schedule an estimate.