Here are some top tips for classic Christmas decorating:

Add Pops of Red
Red is one of the most classic colors that you can use for your holiday decor. HGTV recommends using pops of red around your living space, such as red throw pillows or even red chairs.

Red ribbon also adds a decorative touch, which can easily be wrapped around many items in your home for extra interest.

Use White Lights

There’s nothing that says classic Christmas more than beautiful twinkling lights. White lights are very versatile and work for a variety of holiday decor styles, including classic.

You can string white lights around your tree, wrap your wreaths, and place around your fireplace.

Use a Variety of Textures

Laying your living space with textures adds coziness as well as classiness. With cold temperatures arriving, consider adding faux fur pillows with lush greenery accents around the room.

You can also layer your sofa with a classic white afghan to blend in with your holiday decor.

Hang Wreaths on Windows

You know that wreaths look great on an entry door, but they can also add special charm to windows during the holiday season.

You can hang wreaths on the interior or exterior of your windows by using 2 ½-inch wide ribbon. You can also use suction cups found at the hobby store, and fishing line works as well.

Showcase Your Christmas Collections

Over the years you’ve likely collected holiday sets that is a hallmark for this time of year. Take those collections out of storage and display in a spot such as a mantel, coffee table, or curio cabinet.

Add Mini Topiaries Along Your Mantel

If you’re struggling on how to decorate a mantel for Christmas, consider adding miniature topiaries along the mantel. These small, mossy green plants are an alternative to evergreen and look beautiful when decorated with small red ribbon. It’s an unexpected twist to classic decor, but it can look beautiful if done tastefully.

Say Yes to Silver and Gold

Silver and gold, silver and gold, everyone wishes for silver and gold.

For those who want to add some elegance to their Classic Christmas decor, silver and gold decorations can offer extra sparkle without going overboard.

We hope that you found some inspiration with our classic Christmas decorating tips. For more ways to add charm to your home this holiday season, please continue to follow our weekly blog.