However, the other reality is that you don’t have to suffer because of the cold. There are a lot of ways that you can keep the chill out of the air this winter—at least on the inside of your home—regardless of your budget.

Consider the following money-saving tips for saving more energy this winter season:

Tip #1: Seal Small Cracks and Crevices
We might not think a lot about small gaps around piping and even window frames, but these are easy points for energy to escape. According to Energy Star, air leaks are one of the biggest sources of energy loss in the home. Not only will your energy make its way right outside, but you’ll also feel colder.

The solution is to seal those cracks and gaps for a cozier home. You can find a 10-ft roll of self-adhesive weatherstripping for around $10. Silicone caulking is also a good choice to help block drafts, and it only costs around $9 a tube.

Tip #2: Keep Your Curtains Closed at Night

Here’s an energy-saving tip that literally won’t cost you a dime. After the sun sets, close the curtains around your home. This can help block heat from making its way out of any existing gaps while also blocking drafts. It’s not foolproof, but it’s worth the extra step to stay cozier this winter.

Tip #3: Clean or Replace Furnace Filters
A little cleaning can go a long way when it comes to saving energy—and it might not cost you any money at all. If you haven’t changed your furnace filter within the last 30-90 days, be sure to replace with a new one. The 30 day limit is generally for those who suffer with allergies, but you don’t want to go much longer than 90 days before replacing.

Other than a furnace filter, some good old elbow grease can help you save money and energy this winter. You’ll want to clean warm-air registers as well as baseboards. This makes sure that your furnace will run as efficiently as possible.

Tip #4: Close Vents in Rooms You Don’t Use
If there are rooms in your home that you never enter, there’s no sense in pumping heat into this area. Closing off vents can help redirect energy flow to the rest of your house and cut down on wasting energy.

According to US News, setting your thermostat to 62 degrees fahrenheit and using a space heater in common areas of your home can save $200 per year.

Consider Exterior Upgrades for Extra Energy Savings
Did you know that replacing your windows can save you over $400 per year? If you need to maximize your energy savings (and comfort) this season, contact Universal Windows Direct to learn more.