A little bit of wear and tear doesn’t mean your siding is doomed this winter. However, consider the following red flags to determine if you need new vinyl siding before winter arrives:

1. Your Current Vinyl Siding is Cracking and Brittle

Vinyl siding can last around 20 years. If it’s been a few decades since you’ve had the siding put vinyl siding on your home, you’ll need to check for signs of brittleness and cracking. When vinyl siding is exposed to the elements for this length of time, eventually it will begin to break down.

If you discover that your old vinyl siding has a lot of cracking or easily breaks apart with your hand, you’ll need to replace before winter. Otherwise, the siding will only get worse over winter—and potentially leave you with some unwanted surprises come spring time.

2. You’re Finding Cracks and Gaps

If you found holes in your siding, this is more than just an issue for decreasing curb appeal. Holes compromise the structural integrity of your home. It’s even worse that cracks and gaps allow an easy access point for water to reach your exterior.

If water can enter into your home, insects and other critters are likely making their way inside as well. This is especially the case with winter on the way, with small animals looking for a cozy place to call home for the season.

3. Your Siding Demands a lot of Maintenance

If you’re working on your autumn home maintenance checklist and run into a lot of trouble with your siding, this is a red flag for replacement. Spending an excessive amount of time maintaining your siding is a red flag that it won’t hold up over winter.

The good news is that vinyl siding is very low maintenance. It only requires an occasional cleaning for atmospheric dirt, typically in the spring and fall.

4. Your Energy Bills are Rising

Winter isn’t the time that you want your energy bills to climb. If you noticed that your utility bills peaked more than usual this winter, your siding might be the culprit. Consider upgrading your vinyl siding before winter to save money on your energy bills.

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