If you’re considering adding vinyl cedar shakes to your home, this is an excellent choice for several reasons. Here is why you should consider vinyl cedar shakes to your Chicago home:

Vinyl Shakes are More Cost Effective

Let’s face it—real cedar siding is expensive. One of the reasons for its expense is transportation. Real cedar wood is typically shipped from Canada or the northwest. Transporting this wood to Chicago and cutting it down to fit your siding involves a lot of labor—and not to mention money.

When you choose vinyl cedar shakes, you skip right over the hassle of transporting trees from a different country, and you can likely enjoy your new exterior upgrade much quicker.

Vinyl Shakes Don’t Harm the Environment

Not only won’t you need to worry about the transportation of your siding from forests, you’ll sleep peacefully knowing no trees were compromised to design your siding.

However, don’t think for a second that this results in unsightly siding. Vinyl cedar shakes are crafted to look just like real cedar wood, complete with wood grain textures.

Pick a Color, Any Color

With real cedar, you’re mostly limited to the color of well, wood, unless you decide to paint it. If painting your entire house isn’t on the top of your fun-things-to-do list, you’re in luck. All the hard work is done for you when you opt for vinyl cedar shakes. Vinyl cedar shakes typically undergo a factory color process that paints every square inch by machine. Not only does this result in strikingly beautiful siding, you won’t need to worry about injuring your wrist when you spend endless days painting your exterior.

How to Enhance Your Home with Vinyl Shakes

Now that you know the benefits of choosing vinyl shakes, you might be wondering how to use these on your exterior.

There are two primary ways to install the shakes. The first option is to use shakes to highlight areas of architectural interest on your home. This can add a touch of rustic flair without taking over the entire exterior.

However, some homeowners choose to add vinyl shakes from top to bottom. This gives an incredible transformation for any home in Chicago, which can easily make your curb appeal the star of the block.

Universal Windows Direct offers incredible vinyl cedar shakes that are manufactured from real cedar molds. Contact us today to learn about cost and installation.