Extra Glass Equals Extra Comfort

Decades ago, home windows consisted of a single pane of glass within a window frame. While this was a simple product to manufacture, it didn’t do homeowners any favors in terms of keeping a comfortable home. 

Since the 1950s, home windows use at least two panes of glass between the panes. Some of the most advanced windows use three panes of glass—otherwise known as triple pane windows. These windows include an extra chamber between the panes, creating yet another barrier for cold weather to try to pass through.

Gas Brings the Magic of Energy Savings

Well, energy efficient gases. And the savings aren’t really magic—they are a result of strategically engineered Windows that incorporate argon and krypton gas. Whether your windows are dual or triple pane, you can use energy efficient gases to make the window more thermally efficient. 

Argon gas is the top choice for gases in most replacement windows. This gas is invisible to the eye and denser than air. It also happens to be the most affordable option for enhancing the energy efficiency of your window.

Krypton is another choice for inert gas. This gas is denser than argon and is best suited for triple pane windows.

Low-e Glazing Helps Control Heat Flow

There is yet another invisible component of energy efficient windows: low-e glazing. This glazing is thinner than a human hair and its purpose is to reduce ultraviolet rays from entering your home. The sun’s rays may damage your interior furnishings, such as your window treatments and hardwood floors. 

The good news is that low-e can also help your home stay warmer in the winter by allowing more solar energy to pass through. In the summertime, the opposite is true.

Energy Efficient Windows are Certified by Energy Star

When you’re in doubt about the efficiency of your window, a no-fail method is to look for Energy Star’s seal of approval. Energy Star is backed by the US government and helps homeowners choose the most efficient products today, including windows, doors, and more. 

While your neighbors are breaking the bank with sky-high utility bills this winter, you get to keep more money in your wallet by choosing new windows such UniShield®. Contact us today to learn more.