This guide will help you understand why attic insulation is essential to your Chicago home, along with explaining what types of insulation is the most efficient and affordable choice.

Why it’s Important to Upgrade Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is designed to help make your home more comfortable and save money on utility bills. According to House Logic, you can save as much as $600 per year. While energy savings are an attractive reason to consider new insulation, keep in mind that it also helps to control drafts in your attic. It also will help prevent energy from escaping through your roof.

What Type of Attic Insulation is Best?

There are varying types of attic insulation available today. These products use different materials to maximize the comfort level in your home. You’ll also find that the insulation choices have different degrees of efficiency as well as different price ranges.

Foam Boards

Foam board insulation is a rigid choice. This board is used anywhere from the roof of the foundation to your basement and they’re easy to work with, especially if you are tackling this project on your own. The downside to this product is that you can’t use it to insulate exiting walls unless you knock the wall down, install the board, and then re-drywall. 

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation is a recommended upgrade for Chicago homeowners. This type of insulation allows you to fill every nook and cranny in your attic with complete coverage. It’s also one of the fastest and easiest way to saving energy—and installing it during this time of year will help you notice better energy savings when the weather turns cold.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is perhaps the most efficient option on the market. There are two types of spray foam: open-cell and closed-cell. While both options are energy efficient, they are considerably more expensive than choosing blown-in insulation or even foam boards. Keep in mind that open-cell spray foam shouldn’t be installed in basements because it can absorb water.

Can’t Decide Which Insulation is Best? We Can Help

Whatever type of insulation that you choose, be sure you do your research. New attic insulation is an investment that can make a difference on your utility bills. Universal Windows Direct offers professional services for blown-in attic insulation, using Owens Corning’s AttiCat insulation.

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