1. Vinyl is Affordable Yet Durable

A lot of times homeowners spend less money to get an inferior product. This isn’t the case with vinyl. Vinyl is an exceptionally durable material that is highly resistant to cosmetic blemishes, warping, peeling, and rotting.

However, the quality of your windows plays a large role in its durability. If you settle for cheaper vinyl windows, you might be disappointed in how they look and perform in a few short years. Lower cost windows use different ingredients for vinyl manufacturing, and your new windows can begin to go downhill within a few years of installation.

2. Vinyl is Energy Efficient

While wood is a natural insulator, this doesn’t’ mean that vinyl can’t keep your home cozy. Many vinyl replacement windows are engineered with cavities that allow for insulation. When you apply insulation to the frames, you’ll increase the energy efficiency of your window and save more on utility bills.

3. Vinyl is Low Maintenance

One of the most frustrating parts of owning wood windows is their maintenance requirements. Even wood windows that are treated with the best products will eventually break down from the elements. Then you’re left with sanding, painting, and potentially repairing wood rot.

The good news is that vinyl won’t rot at all—despite how muggy it can get or how much it rains. This leads to fewer repairs, and a lot less headache and hassle you’ll need to deal with in terms of maintenance. Some window companies, such as UWD, have a guaranteed color warranty. The warranty ensures that your color will remain bright for up to 20 years—and you’ll never need to pick up a paintbrush for the entire lifetime of the window.

4. Vinyl is Aesthetically Flexible

Vinyl windows can do wonders for your curb appeal. There are plenty of vinyl colors to choose from that will coordinate or contrast with your exterior colors. Don’t forget that your custom windows are engineered in nearly any shape and size that you choose, from classic double hung windows to various geometric shapes.

Simply put, vinyl windows are one of the best upgrades for your home here in Chicago. Contact us today to learn more.