The Engineering of Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an easy and affordable option to replace, well, other aging or inefficient windows. These windows are designed to essentially pop into place where an old window once existed. This is the most convenient option since there isn’t much involved in terms of addressing other exterior elements, such as the trim or siding. Installing the window will make it airtight and waterproof—and energy efficient as well.

There are two ways you can get replacement windows for your home. You can buy them pre-made to install in your home, hoping for the best that the window is the right fit. Even the slightest difference in measurements can lead to excessive energy loss, so think twice if you go this route. Remember that poorly installed and inefficient windows can account for 25% of your home’s energy loss, according to The Department of Energy.

The other option is to contact a replacement window company to engineer your home windows from scratch. This involves a contractor taking measurements of your existing windows and submitting an order for your windows to be custom made. This helps to create the perfect fit and save more money on your utility bills.

The Engineering of New Construction Windows

From the exterior of a home, you’d probably never know the difference between new construction and replacement windows. However, the difference is that new construction windows have fins around the frames. These nailing fins are used to fasten the window in place and for flashing it.

Another key difference is the amount of time it takes to install new construction windows. When these windows are installed in a home, there is usually additional work required. New interior woodwork may need to be installed, along with new wide trim installation.

Furthermore, new construction windows may require removal of siding around the window.

Generally, new construction windows are used when a home is being constructed. You can also use new construction windows if you’re adding an addition to your home. They are designed to be installed when the studs of a home are exposed.

Because of the work involved with new construction window installation, these products cost considerably more than replacement windows.

What Windows are Right for You?

If you need to upgrade your windows to boost your curb appeal and save energy, it’s very probably that replacement windows are your best choice. Find out more about how replacement windows will work for your home by contacting us today.