1. Build an Outdoor Oasis

It’s still summer here in Chicago, and we still have a couple months left to enjoy the nice weather. The first bucket list upgrade is an outdoor oasis, complete with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and even a water display. If you spend a lot of time outside, you’ll know the feeling that unwinding on the patio with a glass of wine is priceless. 

Comfortable outdoor seating is also a necessity here, since the idea is to relax and enjoy your new renovation. You can add seating such as a hammock, porch swing, or even a recliner. To save some money, you may be able to include interior furnishings that you already own on your new outdoor area. But since this is a bucket list makeover, why not spring for something that’s brand new?

2. Marble Countertops for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

While granite countertops are one of the most popular kitchen updates today, don’t forget about marble. Marble countertops make the remodel bucket list because they offer classic and timeless beauty. No matter how many times you change your décor, marble will most likely blend right in.

Marble is one of the costlier countertop options. They’ll run you around $125-$250 per square foot, according to Counter Top Guides. You’ll find variations in pricing among different grades of marble. This is a luxury countertop option, so expect to pay the price if you decide to add this to your remodel upgrade bucket list.

3. Vinyl Cedar Shakes

Are you ready to shakeup the exterior of your room? Vinyl cedar shakes are becoming increasingly popular with Chicago homes. This option gives your home a true Americana feel without the hassle of dealing with real cedar wood. Real cedar wood is derived from British Columbia and the Northwest Pacific area. The cost of transporting and cutting down the cedar into siding is costly, but you won’t have that hassle with vinyl. You can also choose custom colors to add unique flair to your home without the need to paint or re-stain as years go by.

Building your dream home is a long process. It can take decades to get the exact look that you have in your head. Universal Windows Direct can help make your exterior breathtaking and affordable. Contact us today to learn more.