Here are some of the most popular homes in Chicago that are enhanced with the help of vinyl windows:

1. Arts and Crafts Homes

According to the Art Institute of Chicago, the Arts and Crafts style of architecture was inspired by the Victorian era. It emphasizes simple yet beautiful design with handcrafted elements. The bungalow style home is a close spinoff of the Arts and Crafts style home, which was very easy to build and maintain at the time.

What type of vinyl windows blend with Arts and Crafts? Consider installing double hung windows with grids on the top sash. This will give an authentic look and feel that looks stylishly simplistic.

2. Victorian Homes

As one of the most eclectic home styles in Chicago, Victorian-era homes are strikingly beautiful. They combine of mix of interesting architectural elements, from scallops to spiral staircases and geometric windows. If you’re lucky enough to be living in a Victorian home, you know exactly how beautiful these homes are from the inside out.

When it comes to vinyl windows in Victorian homes, there is simply no shortage of possibilities. Victorian homes contain a wide variety of window shapes and styles. Geometric windows complement these homes nicely, and you can consider installing a window such as a circle, hexagon, or oval.

Similarly to Arts and crafts style homes, Victorian homes also contain a lot of character and artsy elements. Choose vinyl windows that include decorative glass features for an extra authentic touch.

3. Colonial Homes

Colonial style homes are perhaps the most traditional home style in the country. They originate back to the 1800s and stand as a true American-style home. These homes feature elements such as a gabled roof or hip roof with simple window designs.

Most of the windows on colonial homes are rectangular double hung windows that consist of six, eight, nine, or twelve panes. The double hung window is yet again the best choice for this style of home.


4. The Chicago Greystone Home

A Chicago Greystone home has a distinct limestone façade, which is the city’s version of the New York brownstone. They were constructed between 1890-1930 with the most common treatment standing as the Classical Revival. These homes are popular due to their spacious living quarters, and they’re sometimes renovated and turned into apartments.

If you’d like to modernize this style of home, consider installing vinyl slider windows. These can be engineered as the same shape as double hung windows with a modern twist.

If you’re a Chicago homeowner who needs to upgrade your exterior, contact Universal Windows Direct to learn how we can enhance your home’s architecture.