This is the anatomy of a durable and dependable entry door:

Door Slab

The door slab is the main feature of your entry door. It’s the aesthetic face that the entire world sees on the exterior of your home. The door slab is engineered with various materials, with the most popular options consisting of steel, fiberglass, and wood. Steel doors and fiberglass door slabs contain two skins that are filled with an insulating material. You can choose the perfect color for your door to complement your curb appeal, whether it’s paint or wood stain.

Door Panels

The door panels are the rectangular shapes that you’ll find on the interior and exterior of the door. These panels are flat or raised and positioned between stiles and rails. There is also molding around the panels, which is called sticking. Some door slabs contain glass to filter light into the home, which is called a lite. Homeowners can enhance the efficiency of these glass lites by choosing low-e glass, along with decorative glass for style or privacy purposes.

Locking Mechanisms

There are two types of locking mechanisms for entry doors: cylindrical lock and mortise lock. The cylindrical lock is the traditional system that is installed via a hole in the front of the door, providing standard security.

The mortise style lock is installed in the recess of a door. The benefit of this locking system style is increased security. It uses a multi-point lock attached to the door’s edge with three locking points. This also helps create a better seal to block out the elements.

Energy Efficient Elements

The most energy efficient doors come equipped with a polyurethane foam core. The purpose of this core is to provide an additional insulation barrier against the elements. These cores are typically around 2 inches thick.

Every entry door should include weather stripping along with a door sweep to block out the elements. Weather stripping for entry doors is often filled with foam and flexible. When the door closes, the weather stripping is compressed and creates a seal. The door sweep is positioned at the base of the door and seals the gap between the door and the sill.

Don’t Cut Corners on Craftsmanship

The quality of entry door materials is vitally important to its performance and lifespan. If your home needs an upgrade with a durable entry door, contact Universal Windows Direct—the go-to source for entry doors in Chicago.