Adequate attic insulation can help increase the energy efficiency of your home by up to 30%. This is an overview of common insulation options on the market, along with R-value ratings that lead to the largest energy savings.   

Whether you’re in full decorating mode or you have yet to bust out the boxes of decorations from the attic, we all have our own styles for holiday decor. Classic Christmas decor is timeless for any home here in Chicago, and there are several ways that you can add this charm to your home this holiday season.

Window installation is a big deal for many homeowners here in Chicago. Not only is it a major exterior remodel, there are also a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Many homeowners focus on aspects of windows such as size, style, and even decorative glass and grids. However, knowing what you need in terms of glass packages will make a difference with your energy savings.

In the month of December, the average low temperature here in Chicago is 24 degrees Fahrenheit. The reality of living in Chicago is that you’ll deal with some unfavorable weather, especially when it comes to large amounts of snow and frigid temperatures as we go deeper into winter.

Do you feel a slight breeze when you’re sitting inside your home? If you feel fresh air and your windows are closed, this is a sign that you’re dealing with drafty windows. Drafty windows can result from poor window installation as well as low quality air infiltration.